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Abby also known as Qhawe, is a spiritual healer, a spiritual therapist, and a religious leader in the kingdom of God. He is the author of “Moments With God” a book about food for the soul, spiritual connection and a journey on individual self-discovery. "DREAMERS DREAM THEIR DREAMS, COMMUNICATION IS BY ASSOCIATION, AND FAILURE IS NOT BEING ABLE TO DREAM, BUT NOT CONNECTING AT ALL, DREAMS ARE FOR DREAMER

His Motto
“What you say or do, is who you are; not the other way round”


Ms. Lindiwe Precious Ngubane as a Co-Director of the company is responsible for the general admin, and as well as drafting and implementing Quality Management Systems (QMS) across company operations. She is also responsible for overseeing the company’s (CSI) program, ensuring that all the partnerships the company has with local Day Care Centers and the Child Development Structures are properly operated as per the Operational Policies Standards; and to enforce all the basic needs necessary to train and develop young minds for the betterment of our country’s future. Train a child to build a responsible community leadership with a strong vision.

WELCOME TO: Abby Khumalo Inc. (Pty) Ltd

Abby Khumalo is a Business Developer, and a Corporate Branding Specialist (Using software’s such as: CorelDraw, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Swish Max3 for animation), Company's Corporate Social Investment Developer, Spiritual Therapist, and a Motivational Speaker. He is the Author of “Moments With God” a realism book about God as the creator of all, a rule maker and as well as the sole provider. After completing his Bcom Degree in Business Management he joined the NYDA as a volunteer Business Mentor for eight years; and has in the process developed a number of astute entrepreneurs in and around Gauteng. Abby Khumalo also offers accurate mentorship and business coaching services to small medium and to large enterprises, and has in the past headed corporations such as: Discovery Health Cafe in Sandton as a 'Manager', The Old Fort Coffee Shop in the Constitution Hill 'Coffee Shop Manager', Woolworth Coffee Shop in Killarney Mall 'Coffee Shop Manager', the Pick n 'Pay Family Store in Mulbarton South of Johannesburg 'Hot Delly Manager'; Stock Market College in Bruma (Eastgate) as a Stock Broker; just to mention a few.

Abby Khumalo Inc. (Pty) Ltd was therefore, born out of a burning passion as a modern information communications technology (ICT) company, and a business consulting corporation that offers professional services to small, medium and to large micro enterprises. The company’s main objective is to be the most quality focused enterprise in the corporate world, and to offer professional Business Development Services on a reasonable scale. Our company divisions are headed by professionals who are experts in the respective fields, and every design is crafted to the last stages of excellence.

Our IT specialists are experienced computer networking, computer programming, computer science, web & graphic design specialists. Part of our graphic designing includes Corporate Brochure Designs, Company Profile Designs, logo Designs, Business Cards Designs, Business Branding Designs, Car Branding Designs, Billboards Designs, Magazine Designs, and many other Corporate Image Designs. Our designing experts follow the four stages of development which are, the Theme Brainstorming Process, the Theme Treatment Process, the Theme Redden Adoption Process and the Client Final Product Staging Process.

Our business consulting experts are well-thought-outside the box theorists, true goal draughtsman and as well as clear and cohesive path paving architects. They are a true reflection of Market Survey Instruments, who SWOT the Market's Strengths and Weaknesses with determination; from Market Value Circulation, Consumer Spending, Micro & Macro Environments, Proper Guidance to Business Administration, Daily Sales Controls, Proper Guidance to Business Planning, Proper Guidance to Business Profiling, Proper Guidance to Daily Bookkeeping, proper guidance to Cost Management, and proper guidance to Business Accounting. We also offer corporate group and one-on-one business coaching classes at a reasonable fee. Call today for a free developmental need assessment quotation.

Our Focus

Our main company aim is to restore the corporate image back to its original form, by making sure that all markets are utilized through common grounds. We have put suitably unique and relevant structures in place for different corporate hierarchies. However, we will put special preference to markets like your SMME support for growth and development, relevance to government procurement public services and more importantly the private company’s professional ladder development and maintenance.


Abby Khumalo is a Corporate Image Branding Developer, his services ranges from online and Print Marketing Material Development, Business/Office Branding Design & Installations, Car Branding Design & Installations, Electronic Admin Filling Development for easy access to both business and personal computer files and general business management. Abby also offers Group and one-on-one Business Coaching Sessions from aspects such as: Microsoft Outlook Configuration, PowerPoint Presentations Design & Programing, Microsoft Excel Basic Programing, Business Proposal Development and many more other business development amenities. He also offers product and Service market penetration coaching to small, Medium and to Micro Enterprises for proper market dominance and as well as value for money business investments to all business environments that offer service of products on daily bases.


Abby Khumalo offers motivational speaking and business coaching services to, corporate staff development events, government staff development events, public events, religious functions, and many more relevant platforms. You can book Abby via the company to to book him for your up-coming event. Abby Khumalo also offers one-on-one and Group Spiritual Therapy Sessions on amenities such as: Bible Study Sessions, Brain Therapy sessions, Trauma Counselling Therapy Sessions, Marriage Counseling Therapy Sessions, Childhood & Adulthood Development Therapy Sessions. Life is a journey, a journey traveled in moments; translated in a split for seconds. Dreams are for dreamers, being able to dream is an ability to connect with who you really are; not knowing who you are is the absence of dreams in your journey of life and eventually diminished vision.


Abby Khumalo is also a Film, Television & Theatre Actor, a Playwright and an author of the not yet published ‘Moments with God’ a realism book about God as a faithful holly spirit, a poetry collection and many other theatre scripts he has written and performed in the early 2000s in theatres such as Hillbrow Theatre, Windybrow Theatre, Civic Theatre and many more. He has also co-written, co-directed, and portrait three characters on the ‘The Voice from Kilimanjaro’ with the late ‘Bekezela Vusi Mhlongo’ a musical about Xenophobia. He also has had a chance to work with HHP on one of his songs titled ‘TORO’ as an actor on his music video, He has worked with ‘Soul City’ TV Drama through ‘Moonyeelee And Associates as the head of the Masakhane Clinic’ on the episode 7 Trailor, ‘Sokhulu And Partners’ as bishop Hendel and many more various cameo television roles along side the best of the best in the Film & TV industry.