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What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate Branding is in other words called company image development, the image that your company will be identified with as a market player in the corporate world. Abby Khumalo Inc. (Pty) Ltd has come up with real freedom for both black and white owned companies that have not claimed an image for their brands, freedom to know that any company can receive branding; whether it is a small or a big company. Let’s take for an example that you have just registered a new construction company that will eventually become a great competitor in the construction market and mind you, you will be competing with well-established companies with vivid branding images.

So your first point of development is the package that we offer as Abby Khumalo Inc. (Pty) Ltd which consists of five important elements such as: Logo Design (Designed to the industry specification, meaning that ‘e.g.’ the construction logo must resemble a construction industry when it is observed by other market players or the consumers), then follows the Business Cards Design, Letter-head Design, a Company Profile and as well as a Company Website Design which is an online brand presence.

A logo is like a car engine for the company, or should we perhaps regard it as the heart-bit of your company, how it’s perceived, welcomed or rejected depends on the logo. A logo is supposed to be designed by a knowledgeable graphic designer that has business development experience, or an entrepreneur who is capable of running a legitimate business; not a clueless graphic designer. Most people often get it wrong most of the time simply because they just do not know what it is they are doing in their own companies. Get knowledge from experienced market players and analysts who have had their fair share of challenges in the market with many years of experience. Call us today 

We will give you a coaching that will enable you to build a healthy business relationship with a business bank of your choice, and eventually empower you with financial statements or pay-slips that will get you a car or property to use for rentals so to grow your cash-flow as an extra profit stream with an aim to grow your business. A business can never be grown by a single profit stream, multiple profit streams are a way to go, but you need an expert advice to be able to do it right without getting in to trouble by creating necessary debts. We will teach you about money circulation in a market-place, because it is wasteful to keep stagnant cash. Call us today for a free business consultation with a professional business developer and see if your life cannot be changed, and if not then you are not cut-out for business. Business is for hungry people, hardworking and principled individual who operate by the book; not crooks who are driven by the love of money, but by the love of life and that of their children and their children’s children. Your children’s future depends on you, whether you chose to bless them or to cures them; the sins of the forefather’s that eventually become a cures or a blessing to their children and their children’s children; so what kind of a forefather do you wish to remembered as when you pass on to the next life? The choice is yours though, you decide on your own; not through your friend or your neighbor but your own self.

If you need creative designs such as: Publication brochures, Posters, Magazine covers, Magazine layout, Tickets, Business Cards, T-shirts, Signage, Logos, Book layouts (typesetting), Importing Advertisements into a Newspaper, Websites, CD Covers, DVD Interactivity Elements, Internet Banners, Flash Animation, Web Interfaces, PowerPoint Presentations, Company Profile layouts, Pull-Up Banner, and more. Please call our office for a free no obligation quotation, and a one-on-one free coaching session with one of our graphic designing specialists with many years of business development experience.