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Our Specialisation

All of us as human beings are connected to a natural source which has the bases or the foundation roots called culture, yet culture is divided into two metabolism called material culture and nonmaterial culture. Nonmaterial culture consists of the words people use, the ideas they hold onto, customs, and beliefs they hold, and the habits they follow. Material culture consists of manufactured objects such as tools, furniture, automobiles, buildings, irrigation ditches, cultivated farms, roads, bridges, or any physical substance which has been changed and used by people. We help individuals to connect and have the understanding of who they are, where they are heading, and eventually connect to find the purpose for their individual life’s journey; and the identification of negative culture and positive culture.      



Abby Khumalo also offers spiritual therapy session to troubled children with Poor Educational Performances, Delusional Social Life, Confused Adults, Troubled Married Couples, and individuals with confusing spiritual gifts, and the understanding of God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit as an imperative source of life. He runs motivational seminars to churches, social functions, business functions, and many other related events. You can book him to speak at your Wedding Ceremony, 21st Birth Day Celebration, Church Event and many more events of your choice.


Motivational Speaking

Personal Leadership

Sales Training

Team Building Training